111 Days of Quarantine: Hardcore Statistics


I love counting, and since the beginning of 2020, I write simple reports on the results of each day. Under quarantine, when getting lost in time is more than easy, this habit serves as a faithful metronome.

I do it in a simple way: I put down —in advance or afterward— all the remarkable moments like all-day events in Google Calendar (I’ll post about my system in a later post). For convenience, I count not by months, but by blocks of four weeks. So now and then I find myself at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a new cycle.

We isolated ourselves on March 16. With 111 days, or four cycles of four weeks, here comes the balance.


  • 38 yoga classes (new advanced poses such as a handstand, an inverted lotus, a crane pose which is a headstand with knees resting on elbows)
  • 38 intensive workouts (with dumbbells and my body weight, with elements of kickboxing and martial arts, stretching for splits, baby shark challenge for the abs)
  • trauma and recovery (I overstretched my elbows doing the bridge pose)
Comparison of the headstand in the course of four months
Headstand progress

Personal development

  • creation of this site
  • 2 publications in English (1, 2)
  • 8 publications in Spanish and Russian
  • 3 Google certificates (1, 2, 3)
  • 7 professional development online courses
  • 6 industrial webinars
  • 5 workpieces submitted to a short stories contest
  • a non-fiction book in Russian, finished
  • 2 fiction books in Spanish, in progress


  • 244 business emails
  • 14 newsletters sent
  • a redesign of the weekly newsletter after finishing an online course
  • 9 video calls (with and without changing a shirt for a blouse)
  • 6 meetings in our virtual space (presentations, a university test class for 20 people and a rehearsal)
  • 2 accompanying materials
  • an industrial publication
  • a definition of the new strategy
  • an improvement of the corporate style
  • a submission for financial aid for the business
Screenshot of a virtual class
Test class using Mozilla Hubs


  • 28.5 operas (we never finished a disappointing one by Mozart)
  • 10 plays (including a puppet show by a legendary Chilean theater company)
  • 10 films (6 of which belong to the self-proclaimed Pandemic Film Festival, and Pulp Fiction for the first time)
  • 4 musicals
  • 2 ballets
  • 2 street concerts organized by the municipality of our commune
  • a rock concert in streaming
  • a flamenco concert
  • a circus show
  • a night of the old propaganda cartoons
Which operas?
Which theatrical shows?
Which musical shows?
Which ballet shows?
A fantasy episode where the fish-headed butler serves soup to the protagonist during the celebratory dinner
Screenshot of the Hansel and Gretel opera by Metropolitan Opera


  • 7 house cleanings (including a quarterly general one)
  • a digital cleaning
  • a delicate cloths hand wash
  • a men haircut (for the first time)
  • a preparation of pelmeni from scratch (traditional Russian food; for the first time)
Comparison of haircuts, shot from the back
First men haircut after a couple of tutorials on YouTube
Two photos: treatment of the pieces of dough with flour and a just finished pelmen
Pelmeni by my grandmother’s recipe



  • 2 birthday celebrations by video calls
  • our anniversary celebration with Mauricio
  • YouTube master class for my grandmother
  • a meetup with friends in a virtual space
  • regular calls and chats with friends and family
  • a new tradition of calls with a former schoolmate
Screenshot of a meetup in a virtual space
Selfie with friends on Mozilla Hubs

By counting the number of articles, podcasts, and stories in three languages, the counter broke.

Quarantine continues. The state of catastrophe due to the health crisis in Chile has been extended until the middle of September 2020.

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